Samsung Ships 1 Million Galaxy Note Worldwide

Samsung has finally announced that the company had shipped 1 million units of Galaxy Note device worldwide.

While the sales for Galaxy Note are increasing in Europe and Asia, this comes as somewhat of a surprise since the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note’s  is a little unusual since its too big for a smartphone yet too small for a tablet. Nonetheless,  this new middle-of-the-pack device is probably catching on. Samsung has  recently announced that the company will be shipping the Galaxy Note soon to the U.S., so you can  expect to see it debuted at CES 2012.

However, there are recent news that an unlocked version of this device is now available from online retailer Expansys — albeit at a very high price — that works on AT&T 3G as well as 4G networks. If you are an AT&T subscriber and actually need to get your have a Galaxy Note right now, you can purchase it online. However, this device would probably cost around $780. So, you better be prepared to shell out some money.

via tabletpc

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Written by: Björn A.