Samsung to Stop Making 1.8 HDDs

If you haven’t really paying attention to the detailed specs of netbooks that you may have bought or encountered on the web, several of these netbooks are equipped with 1.8 HDD storage devices. Most of these were manufactured by Samsung.

And since the spur of growth of netbooks, Digitimes reported supplies of these HDDs have become scar as Samsung has stopped manufacturing them. So that leaves Toshiba, another major supplier of 1.8 HDD alone in supplying the storage device to netbook manufacturers. And this would certainly impact the production of new netbooks.

Although, there are still steady supply of SSDs, these storage devices however saw a decline in use as netbook manufacturers have all shifted to hard drives for their netbooks’ storage options.

Two possible impacts of  this development is an increase in the prices of netbooks or manufacturers shifting back to SSD options for new netbooks.

In a larger scale, this could also trigger the decline in the production of netbooks in the remaining months of the year.

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Written by: Björn A.