Shanzai Tablet Netbook Clone Revealed

What seems to be a clone of the T1028 tablet-netbook from Gigabyte has surfaced in China, to join the masses of netbook clones already on the market, albeit a clone with a rotating screen which could be the first clone of its type.


touchscreen netbook

The ‘Shanzai 100 See Ban Gu’ comes fitted with a  rotating 10.2 inch tablet screen, is powered with an Atom CPU and is complete with a 160GB hard disk drive and 1GB of RAM. have taken a guess that the screen resolution will be 1024×600 but, that isnt confirmed and neither is pricing. Shanzai do comment that the netbook will be out in time for the Windows 7 release although, they don’t confirm that this is the OS the netbook will come installed with.


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