Software Tweak for Asus EEE: Enable webcam support in Skype

The Skype version integrated with the Asus EEE PC is not capable to integrate the built-in webcam. If the webcam is not working with Skype, you need to tune up the software by updating it. Here is the procedure:

In the easy mode, switch to settings and move to Add/Remove software. From here, update the version of Skype and reboot the system.

Now you will have to test the Webcam support. In skype, open the Options->Video devices button to see that the webcam is working or not. If it is not, it simply means that it is not enabled.  Enable it with the following command:

 sudo echo 1 > /proc/acpi/asus/camera

Similarly, if you want to disable the webcam, type following command

  sudo echo 1 > /proc/acpi/asus/camera

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Written by: Björn A.

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  • ARI


  • luke

    i was having a lot of trouble with this issue, thanks for your advice its working perfectly now.
    very much appreciated guys :D

  • person

    k,i need help with this.on add/remove software it says nothing about skype.
    i want to talk with my friends,please help

  • person

    plus i do not understand this as well.

  • Kate

    I had success doing this. What you have to do is type ctrl+alt+t at the same time. This will make a “terminal” window pop up. In this box, type exactly what it says above,
    sudo echo 1 > /proc/acpi/asus/camera
    with that spacing and punctuation, then press enter. Don’t type other things in the terminal.

    Now when you go to Skype options (click the little skype logo in the lower left hand corner of the screen) you should be able to go to the Video options and see that you can choose your camera and that it is working.

  • sayyed mohsin

    hello, i am user of eee pc asus model E3510 and i need web cam software plz send valuable information

  • rajan

    i am having great problem that i can not turn on my web cam in epc 1000h laptop.

  • chii

    cant we use the webcam without skype. i mean using the webcam like an usb webcam

  • Paul Kirshner

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  • Camgirl

    Yo, nice post,, I don’t understand how to add ur blog in my rssreadr,, Can u help me pls? Cu from Belgium

  • dbearman

    I regret I can’t understand what to do but my web cam won’t work on its own or with Skype. I tried the cmd to get a DOS command and entered various versions of sudo echo 1 >/proc/acpi/asus/camera but kept getting the error message that the path could not be found. I was not at c:\ but rather at c:\documents and settings\[my name]>
    Is that an issue? I have forgotten all the DOS speak I once knew, I’m afraid. Any help, as spelled out as possible, would be greatly appreciated.

  • Chumscrubber

    Im having the same problem as dbearman unfortunately, also when i do try to make a terminal I get nothing.. Help PLZ

  • Tito6

    @dbearman and Chumscrubber..
    The ‘terminal’ window and “sudo” commands are for Linux

  • Daniels

    hi tere,

    I am strugglin to get my webcam 2 work online and dont seem 2 be able 2 find a solution or answer anywhere… i have managed 2 get it 2 work on skype from doin wat is said on this blog..
    Any suggestions?? plz help!!!!!

  • Nicola

    Hi there!

    My add/remove wasn’t working till i noticed what Kate had written. Prressing ctrl alt dlete brought up the window but now i cant see the way to update the skype software? it shows the software i had but i cant see how to update…

    Anyone who can help with this I would be very grateful to!



  • Ann

    For the Eee PC with XP, click on the Eee PC tray utility in the systray. Then click enable camera. Restart Skype. To see if Skype found it, click Tools, Options, Video Settings, Enable Skype Video. You should see the cam working on that screen.
    I did not have to upgrade the Skype version that was pre-installed on my Eee PC 1000H.

  • Paige

    Okay, I have followed the advice this far – have updated version of Skype. Skype does not see my EeePC webcam. what is the Eee PC tray utility in the sytem tray – how do I get there? Many thanks!

  • besart

    where do i enter that command (sudo echo 1)

  • besart

    pls help

  • wow cam girl

    Hot live cams are my real deal , I loved your post and I will be back

  • besart

    well i have it up and running but I cant fix the mirror camera thing

  • Mal_saje

    hei my friend say that he cant see me at the skype video
    then i go to the video setting and it say skype dont recognize my notebook
    please upgrade your webcam hardware or skype certified webcam
    can you please help me

  • Rlawson55

    I have just had this problem as I haven’t used this facility on my laptop for a couple of years, so I am very thankful that there are knowledgeable people who can help. Many thanks also!

  • Rolandasucher

    and how do I do this for Asus tablet?

  • Jango8888

    web came somtimes donw working what can i do pls inform me in the amail adress jango8888@mail:disqus .ru