Sony offer up new VAIO W model

Remember how we told you the Sony Vaio W was no longer available from PC World? Well it may be because Sony are releasing an updated model. Like we previously told you, the VAIO W11S1E is still available on Amazon for £330-£332 but now, a new model, the W12S1E is also showing up at Amazon.

The W12S1E features pretty much the same specs as the previous model with a couple of changes. The new model will run Windows 7 Starter instead of Windows XP but, the main change and probably the reason for the new model number, is the hard drive size. The W12S1E will feature a 250GB HDD instead of 160GB. The extra hard drive space and newer operating system will cost you an extra £70 though. The netbook is available to pre-order for £399 in white, tan and pink. Release date is November 10th.


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Written by: Björn A.