Sony Teases Us With An Announcement For An Ultra-mobile Vaio

Here’s what you’ll be seeing when you drop by Sony’s Japanese site and click on that tantalizing ad for a VAIO Ultra Mobile on their homepage. It seems that the company has something in store for its customers in the near future. There are no details currently – the site looks to be nothing more than a sign-up page for future news on the product, but Sony wouldn’t just throw it up there if there was no news to be had soon.

Personally, I think with everyone jumping onto the tablet bandwagon, Sony’s about to join the party. Just a speculation though – I may be proved wrong and we’ll have another traditional netbook on our hands. However, Sony’s had a good track record for quality products and I’m interested in what they’ll be showing us in the near future.

Source: Netbooked

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Written by: Björn A.