Sony VAIO P gets crocodile effect

A long with the Billabong edition VAIO W, Sony are releasing a Crocodile skinned VAIO P. The crocodile skinned version is only available in Japan at present but, hopefully it’ll be available elsewhere soon. The specs of the VAIO P include the update features, including Remote Play, which makes it possible to play games from a PS3, or watch videos from it. Other specs include the built in gyroscope, which detects the orientation of how you’re holding the device. You also get the high res (1600×768) 8 inch display. It also comes loaded with Windows 7.

You can upgrade it to include a 256GB SSD, or an Intel Atom Z560 processor, with Intel US15X Chipset. The battery can also be upgraded to a 12.5 hour extended battery. Like the other new VAIO Ps, it also comes with the one touch resolution button and quick web access key. The pricing is currently unknown.


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Written by: Björn A.