Sony has launched a new notebook named VPC-EH1M1E/W.G4. It is a new 15-inch model with rippled surface design.


It is a new model of Sony E series that has an unusual design. It is based on rippling surfaces. This notebook looks best in black. It is designed for a universal outlook and is made suitable for Internet and office use and as well as for watching videos or playing games in it.




It has an Intel Core i32310M processor. This is an entry-level processor designed by Sandy Bridge generation. It is accompanied by 4 GB DDR3 RAM and a 500 GB hard drive. This notebook also has a dedicated graphics card by Nvidia, the Geforce 410M. This memory card has 1024 of video memory. It also has a 1.5-inch HD screen with a high glossy look that can display a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels




The honeycomb pattern of the model catches one’s attention immediately. If this model is help up to the light the surface shimmers because of its glossy look. But there is no question of fingerprints or dust marks on the body. The body is well built. The white display lid is easy to open. The big plus of this model is that the display stays in the desired position even if it is adjusted. Its base unit seems to be just a robust. It is also accompanied by a well built laptoo which matches the design of the notebook and also has recessed touch pad in the palm rest area.


It has four USB ports of 2.0 type. There are two ports for controlling external monitors, an HDMI and a VGA port as well on the left hand side. On the right hand side a DVD burner is placed for recording dual-layer media. It also has a RJ45 Gigabit LAN port, two audio ports and two cared readers as well on the front side.




The keyboard takes the whole length of the keyboard and includes a separate number block. The keys are well spaced and easy to use. Typing on it is a very pleasant experience. Above the keyboard there are three special function keys. One activates the Quickweb while the laptop is switched off. The key named VAIO starts up the Media Gallery and the third one mared as Assist starts Vaio Care 6.4.


Below the keyboard is the touch pad. It supports multi-touch input and gestures. Working on the touch pad is convenient. Below the touch pad there are two muttons which represent the two mouse clicks.




It has a 12-month warranty that can be extended with the Vaio Warranty Extension.



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Written by: Björn A.