Sony Wants to Join the Tablet Craze Started by Apple iPad

Look what we have here. Bloomberg is reporting that Sony is carefully studying the market carved in by the Apple iPad.  And if they found out that consumers will actually buy their tablet, Sony will release their own tablet to compete with the iPad.

According to the report:

“We have been taking a deep look at developing a tablet for a number of years, not just because of Apple but because it creates some interesting opportunities,” Mike Abary, senior vice president of Sony’s Information Technology Products unit, said in an interview this week in San Francisco.

Sony, just like other manufacturers was inspired by iPad’s success, boasting of 1 million units sold in less than a month that it was first released.  But before manufacturing their own iPad-like tablet, Sony wants more evidence that consumer demand for products such as the iPad is really that high.

Sounds like a viable move. But Sony should also realized that those 1 million units were actually pushed by Apple and not really demanded by consumers. What they should find out is if there is a consumer demand for a Sony-branded iPad-like tablet device.

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Written by: Björn A.