Sony’s Prospect Ultrabook Concept Shown

If you’re an attendee of the recent held CES, you would notice at Sony’s booth, enclosed with the glass case, the future Ultrabook concept. A source from Verge was given a chance to capture photos of the said laptop figure. But unfortunately, even vague specs of the prospect Sony Ultrabook weren’t able to disclose.

But as the image was shown, it has a much resemblance with the Sony Vaio Z. However, it appears to be thicker-seems to be a contradicting statement, given that the machine is categorized as an Ultrabook. Yet the point is, Sony is has started to be on the game of Ultrabook space. Just a hope for the public that external Graphics Processing Unit and port station will be placed along this prospect mobile computer from Sony.

Sony has been known for making extravagant laptops, hence it is anticipated then that the company would have lighter and slimmer Ultrabooks soon at much reasonable prices.

via theverge

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Written by: Björn A.