Spark Tablet Now Up for Pre-Order, Kinda

The Spark Tablet is an open (both in hardware and software) tablet. It is going to ship with Linux-base software and an unlocked bootloader allowing its users to do what they win using the product.


Spark Tablet

This tablet is now available on pre-order. It is expected to have a  €200, or about $263 US price tag. This tablet is not available until May. However, you don’t have to pay for anything right now if you get a pre-order. The developers are just getting your plans of purchase to register demand.


Looking at its specs, the Spark is ultimately a Zenithink C71. The latter however runs on Android while the Spark is running on Mer Linux, a MeeGo flavor with KDE Plasma Active as its desktop environment.


You can get your pre-order the Spark Tablet at the Make Play Live website.


Source: Liliputing

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Written by: Björn A.