Superthin netbook runs on Marvell Armada 510

Marvell is currently showing off some devices that run their Armada CPU. One of the more interesting ones is this smartbook prototype. Unlike the Lenovo Skylight, this one looks pretty much like your standard netbook though it is as thin as the Lenovo one.

While it’s currently in ODM mode (read: not yet branded), I’m sure it will be up for sale soon. Price is roughly  $200 which is really good for my wallet. It will also deliver around 4 hours of battery life. Not much, but it should be useable for short bursts of work. The screen is a comfy 12.1″ and runs Ubuntu Linux.

If Marvell or its partner manufacturers get this out the gate really quick, I’m sure more people will get sold on the smartbook idea.

source engadget

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Written by: Björn A.