Surprise! The Verizon Subsidized Netbook is – the HP Mini 1000?


Things are starting to shed light Verizon Wireless’ upcoming subsidized netbook plan. What started as a rumor before is gradually becoming official, thanks to a confirmation from an HP representation. But now, The Boy Genious Report,  ever notorious for coming up with breaking and exclusive tech news is reporting the the Verizon Wireless Netbook would be the HP Mini 1000.

According to an approved device list from Verizon Wireless, the HP Mini 1000 was listed as the netbook that will be released through Verizon’s data service package.  A blurry image shot of the list show that the HP Mini 1000 was approved last March 24, 2009.

Unfortunately, there is no release date of pricing details stated on the leaked photos. But our guess is that Verizon will most likely offer the HP Mini 1000 for around $99 also, to compete with AT&T’s Acer Netbook.


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Written by: Björn A.

  • Tech Vigor

    i think Prices offer the HP Mini 1000 for around $99 is really cheap