Survey says interest in Apple iPad has fallen after initial announcement

Apple’s iPad. Everyone seems to be talking about it. But does anyone actually want it? A survey conducted by Retrevo shows us that 3% of their respondents have been waiting and wanting to buy Apple’s iPad even before the official announcement took place. The same survey tells us that 26% of respondents have heard about the upcoming iPad but readily admit that they don’t want to buy one. Now, the official announcement has come and gone, and a new survey was conducted by Retrevo. The results? The number of those who want to buy the iPad have risen from a measly 3% to 9%. But the real shocker comes in the number of people who know about the iPad but don’t want to buy it. From 26%, it has risen to a whopping 52% now, after Apple’s official unveiling. This tells us that more people know about the iPad now (and that advertising works), but even more don’t want to buy it. Numbers don’t lie. See the full survey breakdown for yourself via the link below.

Via Retrevo

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Written by: Björn A.

  • Mobile phone tracking

    I thing it may means Apple got a setback now, hope it will introduce more products in the future in addition to iPhone and iPod.

  • Milen

    The numbers don’t lie, but perhaps you are interpreting them incorrectly. An increase from 3% to 9% is not measly, its a triple increase. It could mean millions of buyers, and a handsome profit for Apple, considering that the profit margin on their products is typically around 30%.

  • Bob

    Guess they’ll all buy a netbook