Tablet PCs Beating the Desktops’ Demand in 2013?

With the increasing popularity and total demand for tablet PCs these days, it may now significantly beat further PC devices specifically the desktops. According to Taiwan-based supply chain makers, an international order of up to 130 million portable units is possible for the kind of tablet market we have now.

Given that numerous tablet PC fusions will come out in the next year equipping conventional PC roles, the tablet PC market seems to emerge into more growing podium just like with the successful smartphone space.

Last year, total international shipments of 60 million tablets had gained together with the 40 million units from Apple. Today, tablet PC deliveries are anticipated to reach over 90 to 95 more million units.

On a probable result, this may likely to really surpass desktops demand in 2013. After all, tablet PCs dominating the market over the traditional PCs is indeed a hit in the ever yearning PC technology.

via digitimes

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Written by: Björn A.