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B&N Nook Audio: An eReader For Audio-Based eBooks?

The Digital Reader gave techy geniuses a hint that Barnes & Noble is doing an added NOOK that something related to audio. All we have is a blank product page that contains the information NOOK Audio OE250. Nate, owner of The Digital Reader, also mentioned that B & N recently filed for a trademark on […]

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Barnes and Noble Prepares Third-Gen Nook Reader to Foil e-Book Rivals

Barnes & Noble gave away plans for a third-generation Nook e-reader. Scant details were given, but it would ship sometime in the spring. The bookseller’s recently established pattern suggests it’s an E Ink reader like the Nook Simple Touch instead of an Android tablet. The plans came from publishers being eager to keep Barnes & […]

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Sony cuts e-book reader prices to get in on market action

You might think that the e-book reader price wars have already begun between Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but there’s another player in the field, and for it the game is just getting started. Another maker of e-book readers (and could perhaps be classified as a pioneer of the market itself), Sony has recently started […]

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Amazon drops price of Kindle e-book reader to just $189

Following the price cuts issued by Barnes & Noble for the two versions of their Nook e-book reader, online retail giant Amazon has just reduced the price of their own Kindle e-book reader by $70. Today, you can buy a brand new Amazon Kindle for only $189, which while more expensive than the Wi-Fi only […]

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Barnes & Noble Nook Wi-Fi e-reader introduced at $149, 3G model dropped to $199

Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-book reader is now available in a Wi-Fi only version for $149. Alongside its official announced, Barnes & Noble also cut the price down of the Nook 3G to just $199. Both e-book reader versions are pretty much the same, and boast 3.5-inch color LCD screens for navigation coupled with a […]

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