Asus to adopt recently unveiled Hitachi-LG DS HyDrive tech in next-gen Eee Top PCs

Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS), one of the world’s biggest optical drive manufacturers for desktop PCs and laptops, recently unveiled the world’s first Blu-ray Disc combo drive with a built-in SSD specifically for use in notebooks and other types of portable devices. They’re calling it the HyDrive, and from the looks of it, it just might […]

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Intel’s upcoming GN40 chipset will handle 1080P video, but still no Blu-ray

An official statement from Intel regarding their upcoming GN40 chipset for Atom CPUs tells us that we’ll soon be seeing proper 1080P HD video support in netbooks, although Blu-ray is still unfortunately out of the question. Intel’s statement goes: “GN40 is designed to do 1080P HD playback for typical broadband internet content; it is not […]

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