MSI shows off two netbook concepts

At Computex 2010, MSI have introduced two new concept netbook designs. Unfortunately not much information is known about the two netbooks but, we do have some information regarding the netbooks. First up is the MSI Serene. The Serene uses MSI’s thermal technology, meaning the netbook will be fanless, making it almost silent while in use. […]

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Super thin netbook shown off by Intel at Computex

Netbooks are supposed to be portable and Intel goes one further by showing off this ultra thin netbook concept at Computex in Taiwan. It doesn’t say exactly how thin it is but, you can see from the pictures how thin the device actually is, with UberGizmo describing it as “magically thin”. Not many specs about […]

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Metatrend’s new ‘smartbook’ concept turns mobile into desktop

Yanko Designs‘ blog brings us another fresh concept device which actually makes sense. I imagine everyone of you has a computer as well as a mobile phone. This concept design gives you the best of both, merging a slate tablet with a mobile keyboard and a phone to create a smartbook device. The design team […]

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Dual-Screen Netbook from MSI soon on shelves

MSI is taking advantage of the current tablet craze by pushing up the launch of the concept dual-screen netbook they showed off at CES a couple of weeks ago. LaptopMag found this out in its interview with MSI President Joseph Hsu and MSI VP for Sales and Marketing , North America Andy Tung. During the […]

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Asus Waveface computing concept mockups go live at CES

Just as it doesn’t want to limit itself in terms of software and mainstream mobile processors for mobile PCs, Asus doesn’t want to rely on the tried and tested netbook form factor forever either. This much is evidenced by the presence of Waveface computing concept mockups at the company’s booth in CES. Pictured above is […]

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