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HTC Flyer

Google Android Honeycomb for the HTC Flyer Leaked Out

  If you are looking for a solid aluminum 7-inch Android tablet that runs Honeycomb, then this must be your lucky day because the first Honeycomb RUU has been leaked out. The HTC Flyer is a 7 inch tablet with a 1024 x 600 pixel display. It has a capacitive touch panel and an optional digital pen for writing […]

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Airlife 100 is HP’s Android netbook

We recently reported that HP could be getting ready to release an Android powered netbook. Yes that’s right, Google Android, not Chrome. The OS is being reworked to work on the netbook as the OS is usually found on smartphones. The Airlife 100, will come with the Android OS and possibly a Snapdragon processor. Other […]

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Could HP be getting ready to release an Android powered netbook?

Back at CES, HP showed off a laptop that was running Google Android as the operating system. At the time, it was thought that it was more of an experiment, rather than something they might actually release. However a netbook has hit the FCC by HP, which resembles the model shown off at CES. It’s […]

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HP Mini 110 turned into a smartbook prototype

With all the releases HP has done during the CES, I guess they just had to make do with what they had to make their own smartbook mockup. The company demonstrated a mockup of a smartbook made from the same chassis as an HP Mini 110 with a few tweaks. The prototype has a Qualcomm […]

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iBuddie netbook hacked to run Android

Earlier today we reported on the Skytone netbook which comes pre-installed with Google Android. The Skytone is the first netbook that comes with Android as the standard operating system, without any hacking required. The HP Mini 2133 and Eee PC 1000H have already been hacked to run Android and now another netbook follows in the […]

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