hp mini 110

HP Mini 110 with New Cedar Trail Now in France

The HP mini 110 will soon be launched with the new Intel Cedar Trail microprocessor. The said processor, which is the latest release of microprocessors from Intel Atom, is expected to speed up the HP netbook. To start things off, the French Amazon website, amazon.fr, already has models of the HP mini 110 with Atom […]

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HP Quietly Updates Mini 110 and Mini 210

HP has quietly upgraded the processing prowess of its two major netbook products, the HP Mini 110 and HP Mini 210. Both these netbooks now run on Intel Atom N455 or N475 if you so choose. What does this new chip brings to the HP Mini 110 and 210? Nothing much really except for the […]

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Did HP Just Brought Back the HP Mini 110?

You’ve probably still remember one of HP’s most popular netbook – the HP Mini 110, right?  HP has retired this netbook when its big brother, the HP Mini 210 came to life. But wait, the folks at Netbooked noticed that the HP Mini 110 was back on the HP online store. But make no mistake, […]

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HP Mini 210 and 110 compared in photos

If you’ve been wanting to buy the new HP Mini 210 but don’t know what makes it more special than a Mini 110, myHPmini.com’s smartly-named JohnnyClueless put up a side-by-side comparison of the two in a few photos. Sure, you’ve read the specs but putting two actual netbooks together to see which looks good is something […]

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HP Mini 110 available on Verizon for $30

Most data bundles, which give you a free, or reduced cost netbook, over the course of the contract doesn’t work out to be such a good deal. The HP Mini 110 on Verizon is no different. While the upfront cost is only $30, you’re then tied into a 24 month contract. The contract runs at […]

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