iPad Mini

A Much Cheaper iPad Mini to Come?

With the spread of various budget tablets around the globe, it seems like the Apple will have serious competition to catch especially so that these budget slates are not just budgets, but they have their own goodness to be proud of. We are all aware that the $329 price tag for the Apple iPad Mini […]

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iPad Mini Wi-Fi Plus LTE Is Now Out in Market

Amongst the Apple innovations already out in the market industry, it has been said that the Apple’s current iPad mini could be just the one with a poor pixel display. But, this fact did not stop Apple’s share to go up as sales of the iPad mini have already gone into the millions. Advancement among […]

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Apple Allows Consumers to Reserve iPad Mini After 10 PM

News flashed and clamor rise. As the market industry for tablets and other android gadgets marked way up the ranking system, it has been quite like an organization flowing towards advancement that Apple is the top when it comes to innovation and innovating. As accorded by great market and business analyst, it appears that when […]

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Apple iPad Mini Costs About $188 to Assemble as Accorded

The iPad mini has only been out in the market and enjoyed by the public for a few days yet word spread as to how much it cost the Apple to have the iPad mini materialized. As accorded by an All Things Digital Report, the IHS performed a breakdown of the iPad Mini and reported […]

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Apple Made it to 3 Million Sold iPads in Just 3 Days

Since the release of the Apple’s iPad mini, the Apple declared that it already had a 3 million iPad sold in the market. This value is computed since the launch of the iPad mini and the 4th generation iPad. Computing by period, that is set to be three million units only in three days. However, […]

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