lenovo thinkpad

10 inch Lenovo ThinkPad spotted

Lenovo have been thinking about doing a 10 inch version of their X100e. Apart from a support page which appeared on the IBM site, we haven’t heard much else from the company. It seems however that the company have done more than mull it over but, have released the netbook to schools in Australia. A […]

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Hands on with the Lenovo ThinkPad X100e

Lenovo recently announced the ThinkPad range including the X100e. While Lenovo won’t be calling it a netbook themselves, many others are as from the outside, that is exactly what it looks like. Featuring an 11.6 inch display, the chassis can fit the same keyboard in as that of the ThinkPad Edge 13. Over at Engadget, […]

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New Lenovo ThinkPad Mini 11 Netbook

Looks like Lenovo is set to release a new ThinkPad netbook called the “Lenovo Mini 11″ also known as  the Mini 11. So, what are the details? From FCC documents it appears that the Realtek wireless adapter has been borrowed from the ThinkPad X100e for a Mini 10 and a Mini 11. However, there is […]

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Lenovo Plans to Release Netbook Under the ThinkPad Line

Reports from APCmag is saying that Lenovo might soon be launching some new netbooks which will have bigger display than the current 10-inch standards.  As Lenovo prepares to launch its 12-inch IdeaPad netbook, the report said that the company is also looking into the possibility of releasing new netbooks, with bigger screen than the 12-inch […]

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