Apple Macbook Pro

The new 13 inches Macbook pro is all about speed and endurance when it comes to performance. It boasts of  a bevy of new components and abilities, including a second-generation Intel Core i5 processor, a FaceTime HD webcam, and Thunderbolt high-speed connectivity. The macbook Pro is very much similar to its predecessor when it comes […]

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11.6-inch Apple MacBook Air with Core i-series Intel chip on the way?

Apple has distanced themselves more than once from the netbook market in the past, even claiming their “DNA will not let them ship” [a netbook]. However, it looks like Apple has finally changed its mind regarding the netbook market after all, if a new report from DigiTimes about an upcoming MacBook Air is to be […]

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MacBook Air Styled Netbook Released – iiView A2

Coming up for release in Singapore in the next few days from the iiView company, is the ‘Airbook wannabe’ netbook the iiView A2. Priced at S$699 (around  US$465), the iiView A2 has the following specifications, which are very respectable for a netbook, especially at the price the A2 will retail at and comes with Windows […]

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Apple MacBook Air Mini leaked – Apple’s own netbook?

Whether this is another fake Apple netbook or not, we still can’t say. But it sure is one of the best looking renders we’ve ever seen. This photos was leaked in a Russian magazine and is tentatively called the “Apple MacBook Air Mini,” apparently for taking some design cues from the uber-thin MacBook Air. As […]

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Dell netbook beats Apple MacBook Pro in display quality, says someone who should know

One Rob Galbraith, referred to as a “veteran photographer and detail-obsessed camera reviewer” by Wired, has proclaimed that the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 was pitted against the 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro in terms of color accuracy, and won. He tested the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, MacBook Pro, Lenovo W700 and an IBM ThinkPad T60 laptop […]

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