Eee PC used for Robot laser tag

While traditionally robot battles usually ended with one of the robots being destroyed, a new way has been created, leaving the robots in tact. The nBot robot several pieces of equipment, including an Eee PC netbook. The netbook is attached to the robot and the web cam streams the video of the battle to the […]

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Asus Eee PC 1000HD modded into Windows 7 tablet

While tablets are becoming more and more popular, with many manufacturers releasing their own, there’s still netbook owners who love nothing more than to transform their run of the mill netbook into a touchscreen tablet. The latest mod is from EeeUser forum member sp1kez. He’s turned an old Asus Eee PC 1000HD into a touch […]

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Dell Mini 9 modded into tablet

While it’s not the first tablet mod we’ve seen and it won’t be the last, it’s always interesting to see how users are modding their devices. The latest mod turns the Dell Mini 9 into a tablet. Not only that but, it has a working touchscreen and accelerometer. A video has been posted up of […]

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How to improve gaming performance of netbooks with Source games on Steam

It is a well-known fact that netbooks suffer from having horrible performance when it comes to gaming, and even with developments such as NVIDIA’s ION graphics chip, gaming performance is still only passable at best. Is there any way to improve netbook gaming performance without giving up on the ultraportable platform altogether to settle for […]

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Dell Mini 9 Tablet up for grabs at eBay

Now that Dell actually has plans to release a set of touchscreen tablet slates soon, I wonder what’s the use of getting a Dell Mini 9 modded into a tablet. For the sheer awesome geek cred of course! The B-rock is now selling his beloved tablet netbook to fund some important housing choices and you […]

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