MSI Wind U115

Quake III on an external display

Netbook with Moblin Linux, GMA500 graphics run Quake III and HD video easy

The integrated graphics which most netbooks come out with are pretty unimpressive, especially considering that their full-size counterparts (read: laptops) that are getting released these days tend to have some sort of dedicated graphics of their own. But in some instances, Intel’s GMA graphics chipset is able to hold its own when it comes to […]

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Microsoft crush netbooks with XP limitations

It wasn’t long ago, that we reported on MSI discontinuing the hybrid netbook, the MSI Wind U115. Using both an SSD and HDD, Microsoft requested that the company cease production of the netbook, most probably due to Microsoft Windows XP operating limitations. The Dell Inspiron Mini 12 is another example, mysteriously removed from the Dell […]

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MSI UK Stance on XP hybrid ban

The UK branch of MSI have put their word out on what they will be doing about the ban on XP being installed on Hybrid devices. The MSI Wind U115, which uses SSD and HDD for storage will not be recalled from stores in the UK, but rather, stay on the shelves until the stock […]

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MSI Wind U115 launchs in France

The recently announced MSI Wind U115 Hybrid netbook has already seen a release in China with a UK launch to follow in May. The netbook has also been released to the lucky folks in France and ranges in price from 549 to 559 Euros ($711-$724). is the most expensive to order the U115 from, […]

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MSI Wind U115 Battery Test Last Up to 25 Hours

For those of us who are still looking for a netbook that provides all-day computing  in one-single charge, the MSI Wind U115 Hybrid netbook might be the answer. Equipped with a 9-cell battery, the Wind U115 was tested by through a non-disruptive test where the machine was let to run in idle.  And the […]

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