Samsung Goes Official with the LTE-Equipped N150 Netbook, Launches the N210, N220 and NB

There you go, just like we told you that Samsung is going to make some noise at the ongoing Mobile Web Congress with its LTE-equipped netbook. Samsung has now officially launched the upgraded N150 netbook together with three other models – the N210, N220 and NB50. First, let’s take a look at the Samsung n150. […]

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Samsung N150 and N220 added to Amazon.de

The Samsung NB30 has already made it’s way onto the Amazon.de site. It can be purchased for 330 Euros. The N150 is also now available from Amazon for 10 Euros more. Both the white model and black model are selling for 340 Euros. Or if it’s the Samsung N220 netbook you’re after, Amazon have added […]

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Samsung N220 unboxing video

While the Samsung N210 may just have started shipping in the US, in Europe, dependant on location, you can purchase the N210 or the N220. NDevil have got their hands on the N220 and have unboxed the netbook and recorded a video showing the event. They actually unboxed the netbook twice, first in German and […]

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Samsung’s Pinetrail Atom netbooks get a closer look

Samsung’s recently announced Pinetrail Atom netbooks all warrant a bit of your attention and Brad of Liliputing gives us a closer look at each and every one of them. As you probably already know, all three Samsung netbooks run on Intel’s Atom N450 processor which gives them longer battery life and less heat dissipation. But […]

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Samsung Goes Official with its 4 New Pine Trail Netbooks

There you go folks, straight from Korea, Samsung officiall announces its four new netbooks sporting the Intel Atom N450 CPU – the Samsung N210, N220, N150 and NB30. Aside from the Intel N450 CPU, these four Samsung netbooks are different from each other by virtue of the following battery life – N210 and N220 both […]

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