Tablet ‘confirmation’ comments were misconstrued

A few days ago we heard that Nokia were planning on releasing tablets and hybrid devices. The comments were made by Nokia chairman Jorma Ollila who was quoted to have said that “Tablets are an important [market], so that is being looked into, and there will be different hybrids, different form factors in the future.” […]

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Nokia Chairman Confirms Tablets and Some Hybrid Devices to Come

Nokia is widely known for creating competitive handsets for consumers. Yet, this time, the company opted to manage on building tablets and even hybrid devices in the near future. It’s very recently when Nokia France manager bear out the prospect launch of Windows 8 tablet to be prepared by Finns. But now, another confirmation has […]

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Nokia Busy Creating Its Own Tablet

Nokia remains busy working on its new tablet, which the Finnish company intends to be a standout from the sea of tablets available today. To achieve this, the company is working on an approach that will be unique among other manufacturers who want to topple down the Apple iPad from its number one spot. The […]

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Nokia to Launch Windows 8 Tablet PC in 4Q12?

Some specifications of the new Nokia Windows 8 tablet got leaked online. The tablet, which has gained the moniker Nokia Tab from fans, is expected to have a 10-inch display and a dual core Qualcomm central processing unit. The device will also have the minimalist Metro UI which fully takes advantage of popular touch screen […]

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Are These Images of the Nokia Tablet?

Sources close to Nokia are relaying information regarding the company’s interest in the tablet market. There has been images appearing all over the Internet of what appears to be the Nokia tablet. The device has the trademark curved screen seen on the Nokia Lumia 800. It appears to have a champagne color. This is an […]

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