Is Nokia Gearing Itself Up for a Future Slate?

According to the CEO of the Finland-based mobile phone corporation, Stephen Elop, there are currently no specific and concrete plans of launching a tablet with their brand as yet. However, as to whether there are plans for the future, Elop sounds ambiguous. In an interview at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Elop noted that […]

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Nokia Booklet cloned

The Nokia Booklet 3G is one of the most expensive netbooks we’ve seen to date, so it’s probably come as no surprise that a knock off version is in the works. The design looks pretty much the same as the original Nokia Booklet but, the specs differ slightly. As it’s still being worked on, not […]

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ARM-based Nokia tablet PC with Meego OS on the way?

Nokia was brave enough to put together, announce and release their very own netbook called the Booklet 3G last year. Why not try their luck with a tablet PC as well, right? DigiTimes today is reporting that the Finnish smartphone giant is currently trying to do just that. According to an unidentified Digitimes Research senior […]

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MeeGo devices to be offered by Orange

We recently announced the merge of Moblin and Maemo by Intel and Nokia, to produce MeeGo. MeeGo will be offered on netbooks, smartphones and tablets. Orange are set to release devices that will run on MeeGo but, whether it’ll be a netbook, tablet or smartphone is unclear at the moment. Orange have said however, that […]

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Intel and Nokia announce MeeGo

At the MWC, Nokia have announced that they will be merging to create a Linux based operating system that will work on netbooks, tablets and mobile devices. Currently Intel provide the Moblin Linux interface found on netbooks, while Nokia have Maemo on mobile devices. Not much is known about MeeGo at the moment but, we […]

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