CyanoBoot Alpha BootLoader Arrived for B&N NOOK Tablet

Previously, developers found a way around the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet’s bootloader and were able to load custom ROMS onto it. This, however, deletes the original B & N software. Currently, a new tool called CyanoBoot has been made available by a developer named fattier that allows users to use another ROM without deleting […]

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NOOK Tablet Now Gets MIUI 2.2.3 ROM for Android

The custom ROM for Android called MIUI can now be ported to the Barnes and Noble NOOK tablet. MIUI, which is based on a Chinese translated version of the Android OS, offers a unique experience for Android users by bringing in a modified notification window, app launcher, and home screen. The interface is comparable to […]

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The Upcoming Nook 8GB Tablet On Feb 22nd

 The Nook Tablet from Barnes and Noble is intending to launch a new tablet with a much lower price than its predecessor this month. This new tablet aims to compete with the successful Amazon Kindle Fire, which currently ranks as the second most popular tablet in the market today since its launch last year. Essentially, […]

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Installing CyanogenMod 7 Alpha On Your NOOK Tablet

The Barnes & Noble NOOK tablet currently runs on Android 2.3. However, this OS had been customized to disallow Android Market and gives access to only 1 GB out of the supposed 12 GB user content capacity. As expected, however, NOOK tablet has successfully fixed these restrictions. But some of these workarounds are complicated and […]

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CyanogenMod 7 Landing at the NOOK Tablet

Looks like changes are made for the new Nook tablet by Barnes & Noble. This device made for media viewing such as e-books, videos, photos, MP3, games and movies seems like stepping up to a new level. Some independent developers found a way to port a beta version of CyanogenMod7 to run this particular slate. […]

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