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Windows 7 voted best netbook OS

Over at LifeHacker, the guys asked their readers to share what their favourite netbook operating system was. From the comments, they created a poll with the five most popular operating systems. While Windows XP was mentioned by some and is found on most netbooks, it wasn’t one of the top fives. Instead, it came down […]

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Eee PC Optimized Verson of MilaX OS Released

For anyone who is feeling adventurous or just fancies a change from the ‘usual’ operating systems on their netbook, a new version of MilaX has been released, along with a version which is optimized for use with the Asus Eee PC netbook, as reported on Liliputing. MilaX runs from a USB stick and is an […]

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Windows 7 or Linux best suited for netbooks?

ComputerWorld have posted an interesting article up about which is better for a netbook, Windows 7 or Linux? Preston has spent time using both operating systems on his netbook and has explained what it’s like using each system, and how it will benefit netbooks. In the article, he notes Linux as being a “solid, stable, […]

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