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11.6-inch Apple MacBook Air with Core i-series Intel chip on the way?

Apple has distanced themselves more than once from the netbook market in the past, even claiming their “DNA will not let them ship” [a netbook]. However, it looks like Apple has finally changed its mind regarding the netbook market after all, if a new report from DigiTimes about an upcoming MacBook Air is to be […]

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MSI Wind U100 modded into an iPad lookalike

Sure this tablet mod isn’t the first one with seen, with a rebadged MSI Wind U100 most recently turned into a slider, like the VAIO UX. This time around, one modder has hacked his U100 to resemble the upcoming iPad from Apple. The keyboard was removed from the netbook, a touchscreen added and what really […]

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Windows 7 voted best netbook OS

Over at LifeHacker, the guys asked their readers to share what their favourite netbook operating system was. From the comments, they created a poll with the five most popular operating systems. While Windows XP was mentioned by some and is found on most netbooks, it wasn’t one of the top fives. Instead, it came down […]

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Macbook Air clone with OS X

While Apple may be doing their best to stop hackers from installing OS X on their Intel Atom powered netbooks and companies, such as Pystar from selling netbooks with OS X preloaded, it hasn’t stopped the hackers from adding OS X to their netbooks. The latest update from Apple saw the hacking community fight back […]

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HP Mini 311 gets the Hackintosh treatment

With many netbooks already able to load into OS X it comes as no surprise that the netbook/CULV device from HP can also run OS X. One hacker over at the Insanely Mac forums, has successfully loaded into the Apple operating system on their HP Mini 311. Both the high resolution of the device (1366 […]

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