Notion Ink shows off Adam tablet, now with specs

The new Adam tablet from Notion Ink inches a step closer to reality for us with a demo as well as some revelation on its specs. SlashGear got a preview of the touchscreen device at the Mobile World Congress, though only via a video. Notion Ink Adam 10.1″ 1024 x 600 matte touchscreen with Pixel […]

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Notion Ink gets more real with mockups

Somehow the design of this changed over the course of a month or so and the Notion Ink Adam now looks like the picture you see above. The company sent in a few renders of the final device to Slashgear and while the old sleek design is gone, the new form looks a bit more […]

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Pixel Qi lets you use your netbook outdoors, save on power

Using a netbook in bright light conditions like the outdoors can be tricky since the glare and reflections interfere with your monitor. A black-and-white matte monitor should do much better. This is what Pixel Qi does. They make LCD monitors that are a high-contrast black-and-white but offer great resolution and has been the go to […]

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