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Sheng T108, A Cut Above The Netbook Crowd

Sheng Potential Technology Co. from China flaunts their new netbook with a sleek brushed aluminum surface like those of the HP Mini 2133. I’d say it’s as classy as the Lenovo U150 and the Sony Vaio P but would you believe me if I told you this is a shanzhai netbook? The details about the [...]

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Shenzhen HT560 UMPC to run Windows XP with Via’s C7 CPU

Like netbooks, there seems to be plenty of UMPCs and MIDs to go around these days. And big-name PC manufacturers aren’t the only ones who contribute. Take this new 5.6-inch UMPC called the Shenzen HT560. Judging by its short list of specs, one can’t be faulted for thinking of it as ancient. It’s got a [...]

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