Windows 8′s Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) sports a sad face so you don’t have to

The “reimagined” version of Windows that Microsoft is currently working on holds a lot more secrets than that new Metro-style Xbox Live app. Along with many other UI and feature changes, Windows 8 will have a brand new Blue Screen of Death or BSoD for every time that it runs into an error or crashes […]

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$3M USD BlackBerry Developer Challenge launched by BlackBerry Partners Fund

The BlackBerry Partners Fund has already launched this year’s BlackBerry Developer Challenge, and there is a cool $3 million USD worth of prizes up for grabs. There are three competitions in total this year, and developers of both BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet applications are invited to join. If you’re not a developer for […]

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How to improve gaming performance of netbooks with Source games on Steam

It is a well-known fact that netbooks suffer from having horrible performance when it comes to gaming, and even with developments such as NVIDIA’s ION graphics chip, gaming performance is still only passable at best. Is there any way to improve netbook gaming performance without giving up on the ultraportable platform altogether to settle for […]

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Google Chrome OS to be released by fall of 2010, says Google VP of product management

If you’re one of the many people who have been looking forward to the release of Google’s open-source Chrome operating system since the day it was first announced, then you’ll be glad to know that Google’s VP of product management Sundar Pichai spoke at Computex 2010 in Taipei and said Chrome OS is on track […]

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HyperBoot speeds up your boot an shutdown

Diskeeper has teamed up with Asus to bring a solution to slow boot times. The new tool named HyperBoot ‘learns’ your boot sequence and applies its secret magic to speed up your booting which also shortens your shutdown time. The video below shows a very telling demo that proves what HyperBoot is capable of. ¬†Asus […]

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