sony vaio p

Sony VAIO P gets crocodile effect

A long with the Billabong edition VAIO W, Sony are releasing a Crocodile skinned VAIO P. The crocodile skinned version is only available in Japan at present but, hopefully it’ll be available elsewhere soon. The specs of the VAIO P include the update features, including Remote Play, which makes it possible to play games from […]

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Sony Rolls Out a New Vaio P, With PS3 Remote Function

With its form factor and size, the Sony Vaio P actually looks more like a bigger version of the PSP and not very netbook like, right? So, it’s not surprising that the folks at Sony would even thought of re-engineering the Sony Vaio P into something that can be used for gaming. Enter the new […]

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UK retailer offers online discount for VAIO P

The price of the VAIO P has been reduced by one retailer, making it a more attractive option. The price is still considerably high for the specs of the device, with some putting it in the netbook market based on size, while Sony claim it isn’t a netbook but, rather a “Pocketable laptop”, hence the […]

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Sony Vaio P Gets a Nice Clone in China

Frankly, the least that I expect to be cloned in China was the Sony Vaio P. I mean, it didn’t really get much headway when it was released, thanks to its high price point. But this did not stop our friends in China to come up with a nice looking, or should I say better […]

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Malata release another Sony VAIO P Clone

Malata may already have a VAIO P clone out, the PC-98905 but, the company are releasing a second VAIO P clone, dubbed the A802. The 98905 had configurable options for CPU, SSD size and RAM size, the A802 appears to have set specs. It comes with 1GB of RAM, an Intel Atom N270 CPU, 16GB […]

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