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Acer offers Iconia Tab A500 on a limited basis in SK for under $350 USD

Acer’s Android Honeycomb-powered Iconia Tab A500 tablet PC will now become available in South Korea on a limited basis. According to the official press release, Acer plans to offer 1000 units of the Iconia Tab A500 tablet PC for 399,000 Korean won or about $348 USD. This is a great move in terms of pricing […]

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Tegra 2 tablets can do games well

The Tegra platform is the unison of an ARM chip and NVIDIA GPU to enable tablets, netbooks, and smart books to playback HD video and run 3D graphics. Some demo tablets were running this hardware platform during the GDC this week and it looked pretty nice. Granted these slates won’t be running Modern Warfare anytime […]

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Another MSI tablet concept

What, another one? It seems we have another tablet concept from MSI but this time it’s just a single screen. The 10″ tablet is a bit thick and packs Android with some capacitive touchscreen display delight. It also has the brand-spanking new Tegra 2 platform inside it and some WiFi and 3g love. Other than […]

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Pegatron-branded Asus Neo smartbook with Android and Tegra 2 showcased at CES

Asus isn’t limiting its options in the mobile computing space with Windows and Intel Pinetrail Atom processors. Showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is this Pegatron-branded lightweight pseudo-laptop called the Neo, and it runs Android with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 driving the display for high-definition media enjoyment. The outer appearance pretty much […]

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