Super Meat Boy landing on Android and iOS

If you’re a fan of the popular PC and console game Super Meat Boy and an iPhone or Android user then you’re in for a treat as your favorite game is currently being ported by its developers to work outside of its current platforms. And if you’re thinking that it will be just another crappy […]

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Kindle Touch Ships Globally

 The Amazon Kindle Touch is now available from the Amazon online store and is about to be shipped worldwide. However, the availability is limited only to the Wi-Fi models, while there are no certain reports about the 3G-version’s release. Overseas import duties and taxes may apply, but they will still enjoy Amazon’s full 12-month warranty. […]

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Gigabyte’s M1028 convertible netbook unveiled

As the 9-inch Gigabyte M912 netbook got its own 6-cell battery, a larger version of the said netbook was introduced, and it’s called the Gigabyte M1028 Touch Note, also a convertible netbook. Here is it pictured above, and as for the specs, it also comes with features that you’d normally find on netbooks being sold […]

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