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HP TouchPad Go Dissected For FCC’s Interest

Have you heard of the HP TouchPad Go? If not, then that is no surprise. It is a 7-inch tablet that was never released in the market. When HP decided to kill off webOS, the operating system that runs the HP Touchpad Go and its predecessor, the HP TouchPad 10, everything just went down the […]

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Defunct HP TouchPad Go Receives a Review

There was so much about the 7-incher HP TouchPad Go when HP decided to stop making webOS devices a few months ago so they dismissed the device. Fortunately, there were a few people who managed to get their hands with TouchPad Go prototype devices. Derek Kessler from webOS Nation was able to make a full hands on review of the product. Let’s […]

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7-inch HP TouchPad Go details uncovered

You might be familiar with the HP TouchPad, but are you aware of a little something from HP called the TouchPad Go? The TouchPad Go is essentially a scaled-down version of the HP TouchPad with much of the same features and was intended to be marketed towards business-oriented individuals. However, the HP TouchPad Go will […]

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