Transformer Prime

Asus’ Transformer Prime is Not an Autobot

Once you hear the terms Transformers and Prime, perhaps you’ll think that it’s the famous movie franchise or rather the toy from the Hasbro company. But in this case, it’s not. Just when Asus has introduced its tablet called Transformer Prime, the company is thinking that they could get away with the old known tag […]

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ASUS Aimed to be the Top Leader in Non-Apple Tablets

Even before the success of the new iPad, Apple has been the undisputed best tablet in terms of sales. Amongst the group of non-Apple tablets, however, the top spot isn’t quite clear. Asus wants to change this as the company’s new goal is to snag the title for the number one Android tablet, beating devices […]

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ASUS Transformer ICS Update Delayed Until March

The launch for Ice Cream Sandwich was supposedly on Jan-Feb window, however, owners of the original ASUS Transformer are still without ICS. It looks like the wait may even be longer as ASUS Singapore has  posted on Facebook that they are now looking at a February/March time frame. Owners of the original hybrid tablet had to […]

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ASUS Transformer Prime Gets Added OTA Updates

Users of the ASUS Transformer Prime would be pleased to know that new OTA updates are available for the device. Several of the components that the updates target are the Transformer Prime’s Wi-Fi software, GPS, and Bluetooth. Among others, this seems to be the company’s answer to the frequent complaint of problems regarding the GPS […]

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Retailer Halts Selling Asus Transformer Prime Due to Technical Issues

Clove, the first retailer to sell the Transformer Prime in the UK, has just announced that it decided to withdraw the Asus quad-core tablet from its offer. This is due to availability problems as well as a great number of technical issues. Ever since the quad-core tablet started selling, Asus struggled to deliver enough units […]

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