Another Wave of Ultrabooks Expected on CES

Notebook producers who have not yet released its own line of Ultrabooks are sure getting ready to release theirs at the CES 2012. HP, Samsung and Dell are the three makers that we have to keep a close eye on. New flavors of ultrabooks are also expected from Acer, ASUS, Lenovo and Toshiba.   The […]

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Ultrabooks – The Future of Laptops

In the race to come up with the handiest mobile device possible, it’s said that tablet computers are currently ahead of laptops. Some tech pundits are even talking about a “tablet revolution”. This is not surprising as the new slates being released are sporting wider screens, faster processors, and more memory, while still maintaining high […]

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Intel’s Ivy Bridge platform to herald rise of $700 ultrabooks in Q2 2012

Apparently, Intel still won’t budge and just won’t give PC makers such as Acer the CPU price subsidy necessary to launch sub-$1000 ultrabooks. And even though people like Acer Taiwan president Scott Lin appear confident about future sales of ultrabooks (compared with tablet PCs), it seems that the whole industry is a bit cautiously optimistic […]

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Ultrabooks set to finally disillusion consumers from tablet PC mania?

Acer Taiwan president Scott Lin knows that tablet PCs are currently selling like hotcakes. Yes, as someone who leads a company that sells devices being taken over by these slate-like contraptions on the market, Lin is bound to realize just how much of an impact tablet PCs are having on computers such as notebooks these […]

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Intel Stands Firm on High Priced CPUs

Intel is being press-ganged by notebook vendors and distributors to lower its price in Ultrabook CPU. The vendors and distributors wanted a 50% off from the original price but Intel stood firm and outright rejected the proposal. However, Intel is willing to cut prices by 20% to first-tier notebook market leaders. The nature of the […]

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