Dell Vostro 1400

The Dell Vostro 1400 is a 14.1” widescreen laptop belonging to the Dell Small Business Category. It offers economy and quality, both at the same time. The 4 inches wide screen is big enough for comfortable viewing yet it does not cause any inconvenience to the users. The overall build quality of the Vostro 1440 […]

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Dell Vostro 3450 Review

Specially designed for small business, the durable, portable Vostro 3450 laptop helps one to stay connected and in control, with style and confidence. It possesses a 35.6cm (14″) screen which which gives the productivity the business demands without compromising on the power consumption. With a wide, durable metal hinge for added support and a sturdy […]

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Dell CEO disses netbooks

While Dell have proved very popular among the netbook world and bringing a high level of customizations to netbooks, it seems CEO Michael Dell doesn’t actually like the portable devices. He claims that users aren’t very happy with them. He also said that it may be cute and light but, after a day or two, […]

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Dell Vostro A90 available in the UK from £235

The Vostro A90 is a re branded Dell Mini 9 which is available in black. Previously no release date or price was announced, but the Vostro A90 has now been released in the UK. It’s available on the Dell website from £235, which is approximately $349. This makes it cheaper than the Dell Mini 9, […]

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