FCC filing points to WiMAX on Lenovo X100e

A filing by Intel to the FCC reveals that the Lenovo ThinkPad X100e has once again made it’s way to the FCC. What’s different this time round however is that this model lists an Intel 622ANXHMW card. This means it’s a WiMAX card with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Other details show that the netbook is manufactured […]

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ECS shows off TL101 WiMax netbook

First seen at Computex, the ECS TL101 seems to have lost a bit of its vaporware status and re-emerged in a few places. Netbook News has reports that the N280-packing netbook will be having a diminutive 3-cell battery and built-in WiMax. Sascha doesn’t say much else but don’t go out hunting for this netbook anytime […]

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Dell to include WiMAX with PineTrail Mini 10

Dell have already launched their Mini 10 with WiMax, however that was the older model, with an Intel Atom N270 CPU. The updated Inspiron Mini 10, with the PineTrail CPU will also be updated to include WiMAX. Clear will be providing the 4G service for the netbook. The WiMAX enabled version is due to start […]

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Fujitsu MH380 updated to femme pink

Netbooks seem to be the perfect size device for women – it’s small, portable and now comes in attractive colors. The small keyboard also bothers females less than males with their pudgy fingers. Fujitsu realized this and updated the skin of their round-edged MH380 netbook. It now has hearts and pinkness all over, though the […]

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Asus Eee PC 1005PEG goes through FCC hoops

WiMAX-totin’ Eee PC 1005PEG finally went through the FCC, hopefully landing soon into the loving arms of customers. The 10″ netbook sports WiFi-N, Atom N450 and Bluetooth. Oddly enough, it will run Windows XP and not Windows 7 if the government filing is to be believed. I’m sure that will change upon the official release. […]

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