The Alpha 400 MIPS Netbook Comes in Cheap


We’ve already told you about the dirt cheap Alpha 400 MIPS Netbook not so long ago.  Back then, we couldn’t believe that a netbook would only cost you $190, nevermind if it could only muster a 7-inch display, 128 MB RAM, 400MHz MIPS processor and 1GB flash memory. It still is a decent netbook that could probably answer your basic computing and web surfing needs.

Good news is that the Alpha 400 MIPS netbook’s price has been reduced to $169.  The said netbook is being offered at the cheap price by

If your kids have been troubling you since Christmas to get them a toy-like netbook, this could probably your cheapest bet.

Via Ubergizmo and ChipChick

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Written by: Björn A.