They Dressed Up the Asus Eee PC pretty good

Remeber the Asus Philippines Dress meUp Contest we posted a couple of months ago? Well, finally they have selected the winners. There were around 500 contestants who submitted their ideas. From 80% of the total scores were taken from the results of online votes which we learned is amounted to almost 80,000 votes (including spammers and double voters). While 20% of the scores came from a panel of judges.

So, finally here they are. The Asus Eee PC dressed up in the most artistic way. Personally, I loved the second design. But since the contest was held in the Philippines, it was natural for the design with the Philippine flag to emerge as the top winner. Incidentally, we also heard the Asus will be releasing Eee PC’s with those winning designs.  Now, that would be cool indeed!

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Written by: Björn A.