Time Inc. Marked An End On HP TouchPad Subscriptions

Time, Inc. is set to put a stop to publishing their content on the HP TouchPad on March 10. On this date, these subscriptions will be blocked out and users will not be allowed to download future content via this partnership.

This includes the full digital editions of the Time Magazine, People, Sports Illustrated, and Fortune along with some interactive content and other online subscription features that are available to TouchPad users. This pullout comes after seven months of the partnership due to the dismal performance of the webOS tablet.

Time, Inc., the largest magazine company in the United States, signed a contract with HP, seeing that the tablet will become the number one device for media consumption. The company has also partnered with Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Bada for this service. These digital subscriptions were seen as an important challenge to the high demand of eBooks.

Loyal fans of the publications, however, need not worry as other third-party web based subscription channels such as Zinio will still be able to offer the magazines for download.

Time, Inc. also plans to provide refunds for subscribers who paid money for future issues. Meanwhile, USA Today, another HP TouchPad media partner, is continuing its publishing services on the device.

via goodereader

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