Tiny bluetooth adapter for EEE PCs

Many have asked why there is no integrated Bluetooth in Asus EEE PCs, I dont have a good answer but now there is a a extremly small Bluetooth-adapter that (almost) fits in the USB port.

Tiny USB adapter

The price is small as well: $24 (£13/€17).

Read more at Register Hardware.

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Written by: Björn A.

  • http://www.celpcon.com cirereyes

    Wow! That’s the smallest Bluetooth adapter that I’ve seen. But I’m having doubts with smaller Bluetooth devices. The smaller the device the shorter is the distance that can be reached. I’m just basing it on my experience. The good thing is that these smaller Bluetooth devices are now cheaper.

  • http://www.planet.nl Erik

    Trust has it too… 12 euro’s here in Holland

  • http://kolosov.zp.ua Konstantin

    Спасибо классная статья ;)

  • M D_ehdaei

    I,ve some problem to use thise divice.