Toshiba Prepares Another Satelite Ultrabook

At a Toshiba Press event, another 14-inch laptop has just appeared, which is believed to be the next Toshiba Satellite Ultrabook in the US. However, this is not the high-end Portege brand as the Z835. While it weighs ‘under 4lb,’ it’s not like the ultra-light that the, but it is a device that will be cheaper than the Z830 that’s going to aim for more mainstream customer. What’s more is that Windows 8 is running on it.

The product is planned for release during Q3. This means that this might be an Ivy Bridge candidate. Toshiba hasn’t confirmed anything about this, but they didn’t deny it either. The keyboard is very same feel as that of Z830, but some models will be backlit. It will have a hybrid HDD/SSD as well as a good set of ports.

The materials used seem to be of good quality, though the has obviously made some cost-cutting, so its not as sturdy as the Z830.

via UltrabookNews

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Written by: Björn A.