Turning Your BlackBerry Playbook Into Amazon Kindle Fire

There might be hope for UK fans who already feel impatient about the future release of the Amazon Kindle Fire. This comes in the form of the Blackberry Playbook.

Blackberry Playbook users can now sideload Android apps that are currently unavailable from the BlackBerry App World. The process, which takes only about 20 minutes, requires a Playbook running the Playbook 2.0 operating system as well as a PC.

It begins with downloading the Java Runtime Environment suite then the DDPB installer. This enables the user to transfer Android apps downloaded onto a PC to the Playbook. It is important that users use a PC for this, as the DPBB doesn’t work on Apple devices.

Then, on the Playbook, the user must go to Developer Mode. Then, on the home screen, the user will find that an icon of a person beside the orientation button. This supplies the Playbook’s IP address. The user may then find Android apps to install.

For the purpose of turning the Playbook into a pseudo Kindle Fire, the Kindle App is recommended. The Playbook must then be connected to the PC. Then, DDPB must be opened. Users should fill in the IP address and the password and click Add. The .bar file should then be selected and installed.

This workaround could serve as a temporary solution for those who want a Kindle Fire in the UK but don’t have access to one. Of course, those who do not own a Playbook may simply wait for the release.

via pocket-lint

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Written by: Björn A.