Ubuntu 9.04 Final Test Version Available for Download

ubuntuFor those who prefer using Ubuntu Linux distro  in their netbooks than Microsoft XP, you might be interested to take the final test version of Ubuntu 9.04 for a spin. The final testing version other wise known as release candidate, is now complete, stable and suitable for testing by any user, said Steve Langasek, Ubuntu developer.

And since this is still a release candidate, expect to encounter some more minor bugs while using Ubuntu 9.04. This is despite the fact that the RC has already been proven to be stable.


This new Release Candidate of Ubuntu OS features faster boot speeds, new desktop notification system, integration with cloud computing, and more integrated mail server stack based on postfix and packages.

But more importantly Ubuntu 9.04 has also integrated the Netbook Remix software which will make it easier  to install and use Ubuntu on netbooks. Currently, Ubuntu 9.04 works well with Eee PC 900, Aspire One and Dell Mini Inspiron 9 netbooks. 

The final version of Ubuntu 9.04 is slated for release on April 23. You may download the RC here.

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Written by: Björn A.

  • Serge M

    Well… just downloaded the 9.04 NBR image and tried it on my eee pc 900 using a USB stick and no joy… it craps out when starting X….

  • Marauder

    Just installed it yesterday and all i can say it very impressive distro for a netbook.
    I got a Wind u100 model 649ca and everythingworks out of the box except ;

    1- Webcam with the software Cheese does not work.
    2- Processor stepping ( Econo- normal – overclocking )
    Full 9 cell battery should be giving me 8 to 10 hours, i get 6.5 only.
    (info from Ubuntu itself)
    3- Trackpad is working for mouse pointer but not for web page
    scroling ( When you slide right side and down side of the pad).
    4- Also scroling from page up and page down seem to be working but
    not in all applications.(fn UP and DOWN)

    seem to be a lot but these are minor fixes that the final version could correct.

    I hope my experience could bring some developpement in this nice version
    and you can be sure that this is now my MSI Wind U100 distro of choice.

  • Brendan Lewis

    got 9.04 nbr on my eee 1000he running perfectly out of the box, pleasure to use

  • RustyNail

    This release is awesome! Right now only from a Sd card, it literally flies on my eee pc 1000. I am getting a 901 and will do a full install once it arrives and is upgraded. In my eee’s I have been using “easy peasy”, but now no more third party to support the hardware.

    I also tested this out on my Sony notebook and it also flies.


  • http://eeepc.net arnold

    Brenda – Are you using dual boot on your 1000HE? or you took out XP? Thanks, I’m planning to install this on my 1000HE but don’t want to totally lose XP.

  • RustyNail

    Update. Just picked up an eee 901 XP (replaced the 8GB drive with a Supertalent 32GB drive) and set it up for dual booting XP Home and Ubuntu 9.04. Everything is working like a champ.

  • Brendan Lewis

    I wiped and installed but i see no reason that a dual boot would be any problems, its snappy to use and the battery life’s great. i’m toying with the idea of asking for a refund on the ms tax as this model isn’t available without xp but it may be more trouble than its worth

  • Roland

    easy peasy worked welll on the eee for me but for some reason i could never get it to install past the live mode, now that i learned a little with that i tried out the ubunuo 9.04 it is great i highly recommend it for the eee 900a

  • Nate

    Just installed ubuntu 9.04 on my EEE PC 900–works great!

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