UK Retailer Recalls Webbook – Linux Not Popular

It seems like consumers aren’t quite as ready to pick up a netbook running Linux and use it happily, as one UK retailer had hoped they would be. Windows OS seems to be the OS that Carphone Warehouse customers prefer anyway. The company are recalling it’s own brand of netbooks (their ‘webbook’) from every store in order to replace them with a more ‘consumer friendly’ netbook with Windows OS installed.

The recall isn’t due to any fault with the units, it’s simply a response to their customers who are finding the Linux operating system confusing and many are actually returning the netbook because of it. CW are footing the bill for the recall and subsequent installation of the new OS which according to Mobile Today will cost around £25 per netbook to license them with Windows XP.

The 10.2 inch CW netbook was released in July and is a unit built by Elonex for the UK retailer. Consumer demand has been good for the netbooks which is offered free with mobile broadband subscriptions. The retailer is now offering other models including a Toshiba NB100 and the Asus Eee PC 701 model.
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Written by: Björn A.

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  • netbook nerd

    This is a great post.

    A lot of users just aren’t ready for a Linux netbook; over at there’s a story about Best Buy possibly ending sales of Linux netbooks so this store isn’t alone.

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  • Flameproof

    Sadly, most of the Linux books I’ve come upon retail-wise have been hampered by the noodniks of sales people who tout them as being “web capable”, which in terms of customer knowledge equates to “Windows compatable”; I can easily understand why the unknowing consumer would want a refund after trying to install The Sims on his Linux book.

    But “customers who are finding the Linux operating system confusing”??? Give me a break! All of the major distros used on book computers now are some of the finest, easiest to use and intuitive interfaces in computing. Period. ANY FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD can figure out the KDE or GNOME desktop, whereas it might take me (a tech guy) 12 minutes or longer just to find out where Firefox saved a download on Vista… “User??? no. My Documents in Documents??? No… Search ‘Download’… What the??? …No… Desktop??? No…”

  • Jack Robert

    That was a great blog. Most blogs are not even worth reading.

  • Samson G.

    Are you planning to blog more on this topic. I would like to learn more.

  • colt_cvars

    my missus bought 1 with ubuntu installed and my 5 year old daughter hated it (she’s been playing quake 3 on windows for 3 years) I’m tech sav and couldn’t get the wireless to work, neither could my bro-in-law who’s an IT technician. Its got windows 7 on it now and running nicely thankyou

  • james butler

    got this for my daughter had nothing but problems from no wireless connection found or even puting the wire into the pc still no connection found so sent away they repaired the fault few weeks later just a blue screen clock at the bottom all that it shows awaiting for company to repair again i would recomend spend a little extra and buy something eles this is just a …………………………………..say no more

  • Salsa Dancing

    WHen I bought my samsung nc20, I shyed away from getting the linux version precisely becuause I was worried about compatibility issues with my windows software.